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José here!

The journey of Personal Web began in 2023 as a passion ​shared by me, dreaming of creating innovative and ​personalized solutions for everyone.

After a few months, what started as an initiative among ​friends evolved into a full-fledged organization, housing ​approximately 20 specialists, ranging from developers ​and designers to analysts and strategists. We all share a ​mission: to enhance online presence and provide unique ​solutions.

Whether it's website management, hosting, or online ​traffic, all our projects are shaped by the conviction that ​authenticity is crucial.

Looking for a personalized approach to your online ​needs? Welcome to Personal Web. We are excited to ​have you with us.

"Authenticity is of paramount importance."

I. Olowe

José Celso, CEO do Per5onal Web

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In the digital age, technical complexity is common; ​websites, hosting, and traffic can be challenging. Here at ​Personal Web, we understand this pain and simplify it. ​Our team takes care of the technical details, focusing on ​making your business thrive.

With limited time and resources, online management is ​crucial. We recognize the importance of your time and ​resources. Let us take control, offering personalized ​support, flexible packages, and strategic partnerships. ​Save time and invest in the growth of your business.

Lack of technical expertise is not a barrier. At Personal ​Web, we offer solutions beyond traditional management. ​Our team optimizes your websites. Goodbye challenges; ​hello efficient online presence. Join us and turn pressure ​for tangible results into real achievements. The story of ​your online success begins here.

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